How To Turn Off Age Restriction On Youtube

If you want to know how to turn off age restriction on Youtube, we have a solution for this issue. You will learn the method to bypass the restrictions on Youtube and enjoy every video without limitations.

Youtube is the most popular social media place for watching videos. People find every kind of video here, whether it is funny, serious, informational, or a lot more.

Youtube has a diverse audience. Millions of people, from kids to elders, are connected to Youtube. Because of the different ages among the audience, youtube restricts some adult content and makes it inaccessible for young users.

In Youtube settings, you find a “Restriction Mode” feature. Restriction Mode filters the inappropriate content. You can enable and disable this feature as per your choice.

This feature is useful. But sometimes, it makes you annoyed when you have to search for specific videos and face age limitation problems.

How to turn off age restriction on Youtube

With the help of the following methods, you can turn off the age restriction on Youtube.

How to turn off age restriction on Youtube app

If you want to turn off the age restriction mode on the Youtube app, follow the steps below:

  • Open the Youtube app.
  • Log in to your profile.
  • On the Home screen, tap on the profile icon.
  • Go to “Settings.”
  • Then find the option “General.”
  • Scroll down and go to “Restriction Mode.”
  • Turn it off if it is on.

How to turn off age restriction on Youtube android

It is easy to turn off the age restriction mode of Youtube on your android phone.

  • Open the Youtube app.
  • Tap on your profile icon.
  • Click on the “Settings” option.
  • You will get many options. Choose “General.”
  • In the “General” option, scroll down, and you will see “Restricted Mode.”
  • You can turn off this mode.

How to turn off the age restriction of youtube on the iPhone

If you are finding the answer to how to take age restriction off Youtube on iPhone, you will find it here in the below steps:

  • Open the Youtube app on your iPhone.
  • Login to your account.
  • Go to your profile icon and click it.
  • It will open the account menu. Tap on “Settings.”
  • Then go to the “Restriction Mode.”
  • If it is turned on, slide it to turn it off.

How to turn off age restriction on youtube on PC

It is easy to bypass the age restriction of Youtube on PC. You need to change the URL, and you get access to age-restricted content.

Websites such as “ Youtube NSFW” allow you to watch age-restricted content without logging in. For “Youtube NSFW,” enter NSFW after youtube in the URL. It will look like this:

Click it on your tab, and you will get your desired videos. 

How to turn off Youtube age restriction mode on the TV

If you want to know how to turn off age restriction on Youtube on TV, we will tell you a few easy steps for this.

  • Open the Youtube app on your TV.
  • Log in to your Youtube account.
  • Use your TV controller and go to “Settings.”
  • Enter the menu by pressing “OK” with your TV controller.
  • Search for “Restricted Mode” in the options.
  • Select “Off” to make it disabled. 

Update Date of Birth

You can turn off the youtube age restriction mode by changing the date of birth in your profile. So Youtube will consider you an adult and will give you access to the restricted content. 

  • Open the Youtube app and go to ‘Home” at the top of the page.
  • Then click the “Profile” tab.
  • Now you will find the option, “About.” Tap on it.
  • You will get the “Gender, birthday, or more” option.
  • Click on the pencil icon with the birthday option.
  • Enter your birthday (You should be above 18 for restricted content) and click on “Save.”


We hope this article will help you know how to turn off age restriction on youtube. You can choose any method above to take off the limitations on Youtube.

You are free to share your questions with us. You can leave your query in the comment section below. 

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