How To Know If Someone Restricted You On Instagram

But if you have a question, how to know if someone restricted you on Instagram? In this article, we will tell you a few methods that can help you in this situation. Let’s start now!

Cyberbullying is as serious as bullying in real life. Many people face this on social media. Instagram introduced a new feature, “Restrict,” to control this issue.

This feature helps you to restrict those followers on Instagram who are abusive. It can stop people from posting embarrassing comments. With this feature, you can have followers without blocking them.

This feature helps you to control someone’s activity on your profile. “Restrict” feature gives you the following benefits: 

  • The restricted people can not see your active status.
  • Their messages will go into the request section. 
  • The comments of restricted people will be invisible to the public. Only they can see their comments.

How to know if someone restricted you on Instagram

When someone restricts you on Instagram, you do not get any notification. There is no official way to know that. 

But here, we can tell you a few ways to know if you are restricted on someone’s profile.

With a New Account

You can make a new account to check if you ​doubt that someone has restricted your profile on Instagram.

Follow the steps below to make a new account on Instagram:

  • Open your Instagram app.
  • You will find an icon with your display picture. Press that icon for a few seconds.
  • When you do this, you will find an option at the bottom of your screen, “Try a new Account.” Tap on it.
  • Select a user name for yourself and create a password.
  • If you want to make your account more secure, you can add your phone number and email address.
  • After that, tap “Complete Signup.”
  • You can connect your account with Facebook, or you can also add contacts. If not, then choose “Skip.”

Check Activity Status

To check the activity status of other people on Instagram, you must have turned on the “Show Activity Status” option on your profile.

If you can not see their active status, they may have restricted you on their profile.  

Activity status tells you when the person is online. It also shows his last seen status. 

With the help of your new account, you can see the activity status of the person who has restricted your previous profile. 

If it shows you his activity and last scene status on your new account, it means your previous profile is restricted.

Send a Message

If you are thinking about how to know if someone restricted you on Instagram, you can send them a message.

If you know that person checks his inbox daily and your message is unseen for a long time, maybe you are restricted on his account. Your message will go to his request message option.

You can use your new account to confirm your doubt. 

With the help of Comments

When someone restricts you on his profile, your comments on his posts are invisible to everyone except you. 

You can get the answer to your query about how to know if someone restricted you on Instagram with the help of comments from your new account.

  • Comment on his post with your primary account. You have to post a new one because your previous ones are visible to the audience.
  • Now open your new account and visit the post to check the comment that you posted with your previous profile.
  • If that comment is invisible to you, it means your account is restricted on their profile. 

What happens when you restrict someone on your Instagram account?

Here we will tell you about a few things that happen when you restrict someone on your profile.

  1. Their comments need your approval

When you restrict someone on your account, they can not post their comments freely. When they leave any on your post, Instagram holds that comment. 

You can review the comment. If you find it suitable, you can allow it. You can also delete it or hide it. It will hide from everyone except the person who has posted it.

  1. Direct messages will go to request messages

The restricted person on your account can not send you a direct message. If he sends you a message, it will go to the request message section. The sender will not get any notification on that. 

If you approve their message, it will show “seen”. Otherwise, it will be “unseen” for the sender. 

  1. No notification of restriction

Instagram does not send any alert notification to the person you restrict on your account. They do not get any message or an icon when you restrict them on your profile.

How to Restrict someone on Instagram

By following these steps, you can restrict someone on Instagram:

  • Go to their Instagram profile.
  • Tap on the three dots at the top right corner.
  • After tapping, you will get the menu. Find the “Restrict” option and click on it. 
  • Then Instagram asks for confirmation.
  • Tap “Restrict Account” to confirm.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to restrict on Instagram?

When someone restricts you on Instagram, it means you can not send them a direct message. You will be unable to see their activity status. Your posted comments on their profile will only be visible to you.

If we restrict someone on Instagram will they know it?

If you restrict someone on Instagram, they will not know about it. Instagram does not send any notifications about it.

How to know if someone restricted you on Instagram?

There is no official way to know about it. But you can confirm it with the help of activity status, by sending messages and through comments on their posts. 

How to know if someone restricted you on Instagram DM?

If your messages are unseen for a long time, there is a chance that a person has restricted you on Instagram. You can confirm this with the help of another account. 


We hope you have gotten the answer to your query, how to know if someone restricted you on Instagram. The given methods will surely help you. 

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