How To Empty Trash On Android

In this article, you will learn how to empty trash on android. We will tell you the tips and tricks to clean your Android device from unnecessary trash files. With these tips, you can make the performance of your phone better.

Are you facing the issue of low storage in your mobile phone? Or are you getting the warning of memory full every time, and you don’t know what to do?

If you are a user of an Android phone, then you will experience the unavailability of free space, Memory Full, and slow phone performance.

If you think where is the trash can on my Android, then it is true that Android does not have a trash bin like Mac & Windows. So, Android users have to make extra effort to remove trash from their devices.

Many users don’t know that unnecessary files, apps, and cached data affect the performance of the mobile phone and make it slow. It also causes the unavailability of free space. 

How to empty trash on Android 

When you use the Android device, it stores many irrelevant files and additional data that need to be deleted. With the help of many methods, you can empty trash from your device. 

Below we have mentioned a few effective methods:

Empty Trash on Android by clearing Cached Data

It is good to clear cached data from your phone to free up some storage. Cached data improves the device’s performance, but it takes up memory on your phone.

It is easy to clear cached data:

  • Go to the “Settings” on your phone.
  • Select “Storage.”
  • You will find various types of data. Click on “Cached Data.”
  • Then delete it.

If you want to delete cached data from every app one by one, then follow these steps:

  • Open “Settings.”
  • Click the option where you can find apps. Because every device has this option with a different name.
  • After getting that option, you will see the list of apps.
  • Select the app and clear its cached data. 

Delete Downloaded Files

We download things like photos and files on our phones for temporary use. After that particular use, they are useless for us and become trash. They occupy the storage of devices.

You can free some memory by removing these useless files.

 If you want to remove these junk files, then:

  • Go to “File Manager” on your phone.
  • Then choose the “Downloads” folder in the menu.
  • Now select the files that are no more required.
  • Delete them.

Empty Trash by using Smart Storage

If you are using the latest version of Android, then you will be aware of Smart Storage. This feature helps to remove duplicate and unwanted data from the storage. 

When you activate this feature in your phone, it runs in the background and deletes duplicate and needless content automatically. 

Follow these steps to make this feature enabled.

  • Go to your device “Settings.”
  • Choose the option “Storage.”
  • Then enable the “Storage Manager” it will start working.

Remove Unused Apps

Removing unused apps is also the answer to your question about how to empty trash on Android. We install many apps that we don’t use, and sometimes they are pre-installed on our phones. 

By deleting these apps, you can save lots of space and keep your phone free from the trash.

There are different ways to delete apps on your device.  One way is to remove the app from your Home screen. By long-pressing the app icon, you can find the install option. Delete the app from there.

The other way to delete app is:

  • Go to the “Settings” on your phone.
  • Find “Apps” or “Manage Apps” in the menu.
  • Select the app you want to remove.
  • Then uninstall it.

Remove trash from the Google Photos

Some apps have folders that remove the trash within the apps. Google Photos is one of them. You can manage your photos with different folders in this app. 

When you delete images using Google Photos, they move into the “Trash” folder. The trash folder keeps your deleted pictures for 60 days. After that, they will be deleted permanently. 

You can clear your Trash folder by choosing “Empty Trash.” Go to the Trash Bin and select Empty Trash. It is a simple way to remove all deleted pictures instantly from your device.

You can recover your deleted images from the trash bin within 60 days. We have mentioned before that Google Photos keeps your deleted photos for 60days so you can recover them. 

Delete Junk File from Gmail

Like Google Photos, the Gmail app also has a Trash folder. When you delete any mail, it goes into the trash folder. The trash folder in Gmail app keeps these deleted mails for 30 days. After 30 days, they are deleted automatically. 

In the case of Full Memory, follow these steps to remove trash from the Gmail app instantly:

  • Open Gmail on your Android device.
  • Choose the three horizontal lines icon for the menu.
  • Open Trash.
  • Select the email you want to delete and tap on the Toolbars’ Delete.
  • You can also clear all your trash folders by clicking on the Empty Trash Now option.

Delete unnecessary Files from Dropbox

Many people use Dropbox for storing data from their Android phones. It is used to manage and backup data. It is free with 2GB of storage space.

If you are worried about how to empty trash on Android, then you can clean unwanted files from the Dropbox app by following these steps:

  • Start the Dropbox app and go to the trash folder.
  • Tap on the trash icon available at the toolbar.
  • Here you will find all your deleted data.
  • Choose the data you want to remove permanently and delete it. 

Empty Trash on Android by Using Apps

You can take the help of trash cleaning apps if you are thinking, how to empty trash on Android. These apps can do a good job. 

The cleaning apps thoroughly search your Android device including images, documents, videos, music, and a lot more. They clear hidden trash files and cached data. 

Google PlayStore offers many trash cleaning apps. You can choose and download the efficient and lightest trash cleaner app.

How to Expand Storage Space

We hope now you know how to empty trash on Android. You can also use a few methods to get more free space on your Android device.

Via SD Card

If you are facing the issue of limited internal storage, then you can use an SD Card. It is a helpful way to expand storage in your Android device. 

You can transfer your files, documents, images, videos, music, and a lot more from internal storage to SD Card easily.

Via another Safe Location

You can get free space by transferring your data to another safe location. You may use your laptop or PC for this purpose. 


We hope now you will know how to empty trash on Android. You can easily clean junk files by using these methods. 

Do you still have any queries and want to know more? You can tell us in the comment section.

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