How To Download Apk On iPhone

APK files are familiar for Android users. But what is the connection of APK with iPhone is another topic. There are lots of questions that APK works on iPhones? How to download APK on iPhone?

Let me clear to you that APK is an app package that works on Android. It is not for iPhone. Let us understand what the APK file is and how we can relate iPhone with the APK file.

What is APK

APK stands for Android Package Kit. APK files are app packages for Android users. Usually, we download apps from Play Store and do not notice the word APK because it is built-in in Android to take care of the installation process.

 If you want to install apps manually, then many websites offer APK files for downloading. But be careful while downloading from different websites as they can damage your device.

What is an APK for IOS

Android and iOS are two different mobile operating systems. Android runs Dalvik (a variant of Java) bytecode package in APK files. iOS runs compiled code from IPA files. 

IPA files are APK for iOS. IPA files are programs for iOS devices such as iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. You can download these files from Apple iTunes App Store.

How to download APK on iPhone

I have mentioned before that APK files are for Android, not for iOS. Their coding is different.

 APK files work differently than iOS. They both can not work together. You can not open an APK file on an iOS gadget like iPhone or iPad. 

The best way to get an app on your iOS is to search it on Apple Store. Because there is not any APK files which will work with iPhone and their system.

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