How To Delete Reddit Account On App

Do you want to know the answer to how to delete Reddit account on app?  Read this article, and you will get to know more other ways to delete your Reddit account.

Reddit is one of the most popular social websites and forums. Although Reddit has millions of monthly active users, many users want to delete their accounts due to strict rules, privacy, and many other reasons.

As Reddit does not provide the direct option of deletion on the app, so you can not permanently delete your account on the app. 

What is Reddit

Before we guide you about how to delete a Reddit account, let’s talk about Reddit and its popularity around the globe.

Reddit is the social news website and forum. The audience of Reddit is more than 330 million around the world.  It has a collection of communicates- called “subreddits” – where people share posts and comments.

Reddit is the source of knowledge. It provides information about the current political scenario. You can learn now about many fields like philosophy, languages, coding, or any topic you like.

Users find this platform sensible to take an opinion on every situation. They can share their thoughts too. 

How to Delete Reddit account on app

Reddit is very popular globally. But many users do not find it entertaining. If you are in this category and can’t delete your Reddit account, then follow these steps to delete your account. 

As we have mentioned before that you can not delete the Reddit account on the app because it does not give you a direct option. You can delete your account using a browser on your phone. 

How to delete Reddit account on Android

  • Go to the website of Reddit and log in to your account.
  • Click on the top right corner of the screen that shows the user name.
  • Then select the “User Settings” option from the drop-down menu.
  • Now you will be on a new page. Scroll down and select the “Deactivate Account” option that you will find at the bottom of the page.
  • Enter user name and password. You can give feedback as well, but it is optional.
  • Check the box that says, “ Deactivated accounts are not recoverable.”
  • Now click on the “Deactivate button.”
  • After that, your account will be deleted soon.

If you are thinking, how to delete a Reddit account on the iPhone app,  you can follow the same procedure above. 

How to delete Reddit account on Windows or PC

  • Go to the Reddit website and log into your account.
  • Click the profile icon and select “ User Setting” from the drop-down menu.
  • At the bottom of the page, you will find the option “Deactivate Account.” Click it.
  • Then a warning pop-up will show up on your screen. It tells that Reddit does not delete your post and comments. So you have to delete them manually. It asks for feedback as well, but that is optional.
  • Now enter your login details and click “Deactivate.”
  • Another pop-up will show and warn you that you can not reactivate your account after deactivating.
  • Click “Deactivate,” and your account is permanently deleted. 

Why People delete Reddit Account

Users have shared many reasons to delete Reddit account. We are telling some of the reasons below.

  • People do not want to share their personal information with third parties.
  • Due to harassment.
  • Hacking of accounts. And misuse by hackers.
  • Offensive posts.
  • Sit can make comments and send without the knowledge of the user.

What happens when you delete your Reddit account

You should know certain things before getting about how to delete Reddit account on the app.  Here we will tell you what happens when you delete your Reddit account.

  1. Personal Information

When you delete an account on Reddit, your profile will be deleted permanently. The user name also disappears from Reddit.

  1. Posts & Comments

After deleting an account on Reddit, your comments and posts do not delete automatically. If you want to remove your comments and posts, do this before deleting your account. After deleting an account, you can not delete anything. 

  1. Deletion & Deactivation are same?

In Reddit, deletion and deactivation of accounts are the same. You can not deactivate your account temporarily. 

When you delete an account, you can never get it back again, you can not assign it again with the same user name, and you can not download your data automatically.

  1. Subscribed Subreddits & Messages

On the deactivation of your account, you can lose the list of your subscribed subreddits and your private messages that you shared with the other Reddit users.

  1. Premium Subscription

If you are a Premium subscription member of Reddit, you have to cancel your subscription. Premium subscription does not cancel automatically on deleting the account.

What you need to do before deleting Reddit account

If you got the answer to how to delete Reddit account on app, you need to know what to do before deleting your account.

  1. Reddit Premier Subscription

If you are a Reddit Premier subscriber, simply deleting an account does not cancel your subscription.

  • If you have purchased a subscription from Apple ID, then go to the Manage Subscription option of the Apple App Store. Select the Reddit Premier Subscription and cancel it. You can do this on your phone by selecting the “Account Setting” option.
  • If you purchased the subscription from Google Play, go to Google Play and select the subscription option. You will find Reddit Premium in the subscription list. Click it and cancel. 
  • If you paid for the subscription from PayPal, then go to your PayPal account and in the Payment section. Select preapproved payments in Payment Settings. Choose a Reddit subscription from the list and cancel it.
  • If you have got a subscription with a credit card, then go to the Reddit website and log into your account. Cancel your subscription in the “User Settings” option.

Deleting Posts & Comments

We have mentioned above that your comments and posts do not remove when you delete your account. You can delete your posts and comments before deleting your account.

You can delete your post and comments manually by following these steps:

  • Log into your account.
  • Go to the “Post” section and delete your posts.
  • You can delete your comments by selecting comments.


We hope you have got the answer to how to delete Reddit account on app. If you have any queries that answer you did not find here, then you can tell us in the comment section.

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