Best Podcast Apps

There are a lot of different services that offer podcasts, and it’s easy to find the best podcast Apps.

There is even an option for exclusive programming on some platforms! We’ve picked out our favorite six in this article.

They’re all great choices whether your preference ranges from news shows or personality tales about the weirdest things ever seen by someone else’s.

Best Podcast Apps

There is an endless number of podcasts that can take you on a journey through any genre.

Whether it’s politics, entertainment, or even true crime there are likely to be some great shows out there for everyone.

I love listening to my favorite one at the moment which discusses books.

1. Apple Podcasts

Apple Podcasts is a great place to find podcasts that you love. It has over 30 million episodes and it’s easy for anyone, even those without any technical knowledge of how this stuff works.

One of the best features of Apple Podcasts is that you can sync it with Siri and ask for suggestions.

You could also listen to your favorite shows through Amazon Alexa products if linked in-app under “Accounts” which allows users a seamless transition between devices by saving where they left off.

2. Google Podcasts

Google Podcasts is a great way to find podcasts that are right up your alley. You can take advantage of Google’s homepage feature, which will show popular shows based on genres and what trendiness they have.

Google Podcasts is a great platform for listeners who want easy access to podcasts. The app hosts many of the same shows as Apple Podcasts and its user interface makes it inviting, even if you’re new or have been listening since before.

You can add any show not on Google’s network by entering its feed into this website.

Go to the Activity tab if you forget to save an episode after listening. This will keep track of your queue, downloaded episodes, and subscriptions so that they don’t get lost or mixed up with other podcasts in this saved list.

3. Spotify

Though Spotify is primarily known for its music streaming service, the platform also offers podcasts.

With Spotify Premium, you can listen to an endless number of songs without ads for $10 a month.

However there’s one rule that might put some people off- it’s only available if your account has two accounts enabled.

This means users will need access not just to their own library but also any friends or family members’ playlists.

With the ability to change speed, rewind, or fast forward by 15 seconds and set a sleep timer you’ll never miss an important detail again.

Transcripts are only available in episodes descriptions but that’s not all! You can also search for podcasts using keywords which is great.

If your favorite show has gone off the air without finishing its storyline yet – just type “doctor who” into Google Search then download/play whatever episode comes up first.

4. Audible

Audible’s podcast selection is as diverse and interesting as its audiobooks. The Amazon-backed app offers a number of shows centered on comedy, relationships (both romantic interests), technology.

A great way to get started with podcasts would be via their top category called “Podcasts” which has tons more content for all kinds of listeners.

Including those looking into new ways to improve their work/life balance through career. Transition techniques or learning how different cultures communicate differently around the world without relying solely upon academic study alone.

Whether you’re looking to expand your audio library or just want something new, Audible Plus offers good value.

5. Stitcher

Unlike other apps that focus on music, Stitcher puts the Podcast Genres in its crosshairs. The app is also full of features and has one of the nicest design aesthetically pleasing looks amongst all podcaster applications out there today.

Stitcher has a ton of features that you can use to make your listening experience more enjoyable.

You can set the sleep timer, skip episodes when they’re already being played back in case it gets tedious.

No one wants an uninteresting podcast! and adjust how long between five seconds or two minutes for rewinds/fast forward speeds.

6. TuneIn Radio

TuneIn is a great way to discover new podcasts that range from the most popular genre of talk radio all the way down to some niche interests such as gaming or math art.

You can even search for specific topics if you’re looking for in-depth coverage on your topic!

TuneIn is a popular streaming service that offers thousands of live radio shows and sports events to subscribers.

With an Alexa-enabled device, you can easily stream select content from TuneIn Premium on your Amazon Echo or another smart speaker without any additional equipment.


We’ve come to the end of our list of favorite podcast Apps, but don’t worry – there are plenty more out there.

These six just happen to be our personal favorites for their variety and exclusive content.

If you haven’t already tried them out, we highly recommend giving them a go! Which one is your favorite?

Let us know in the comment section below.

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