Apps That Pay You

Did you know your smartphone can actually make money for yourself? Here are some of my favorite Apps That Pay You and send cash straight to the bank every month.

I’ve organized them by category, so it will be easy enough if one catches your eye or sounds like something exciting.

Apps That Pay You

Are you looking for a little extra money in your pocket? Well, there are tons of apps where people can earn cash and other incentives by sharing their opinion with brands.

These survey sites provide opportunities at all hours so it’s never too late to get started.

1. Blackout Bingo

You can play Blackout Bingo in just 2 minutes and you’ll be able to earn real-world rewards cash prizes – it’s a fast-paced game.

The most common complaint about this app is that it has too many ads, but players are having fun anyway because of how addicting they find Blackout Bingo to be.

2. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a leader in the online survey space. The long-running app has paid out hundreds of millions to users over time. Making it one if not the most successful monetization strategies for companies on mobile devices today.

Rewards are piling up for you online. Answer surveys, play games and watch videos (read: ads) to earn cash-out rewards from major retailers like Amazon.

3. Cashyy (Android)

Users love the free Cashyy app, which offers a 4-star rating on Google Play.

The thousands of people who have downloaded it are raking in some serious cash with their personal financial management tools.

The new app is a fun way to get some extra cash or gift cards. By completing missions, you can earn coins that are redeemable on your favorite platforms like PayPal.

4. Solitaire Cube

When I saw that there was a new card game on the market, Solitaire Cube caught my attention.

In this game, you’ll be matched up with other players and given a deck of cards. The more points that are associated with your account at the end of each round (i.e., winning).

Then higher chances there are to win additional rewards! You can check out how things work before playing by downloading it for free here.

5. Rewarded Play (Android)

We all know how it feels to be bored and looking for something new. Well, if you’re feeling that way then Rewarded Play might just make your day.

This app lets users who perform specific tasks get rewarded in points which they can use towards free games or other rewards like gift cards from major retailers including Amazon Prime Now.

The user only needs 5 stars across three categories–leadership skills (elevator pitch), customer service excellence & teamwork spirit -to unlock access into this premium content without paying any money at all.


If you’re looking for a way to make some extra cash, your smartphone may be able to help. We’ve listed several apps that pay you in cash each month, just for doing things you probably already do.

So, why not download a few of these apps and start earning some extra money? Who knows, with a little effort you may be able to make enough money to cover your monthly cell phone bill!

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